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Assign products that your customers already bought in your previous system

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In case that you are currently setting up your Eversports Manager, you might want to take over products from your previous system.
In order to do so, you can easily assign previous products in Eversports Manager to the corresponding customers, so that they can find them in their Eversports account and book your classes.

1 - Select customer

Go either to the menu Customers and select the customer name and click on Sell new service, or go to the menu Financials > Selling and type the customer name.
Then choose the product that you want to assign to the customer.

2 - Edit product settings

In case the product was already (partially) used in the previous system, click on the pencil symbol next to the product name to change the product offer.
Here you can even give a discount, for example, if the product was already paid for.

You have several options to edit the service:

  • Discount: If your customer has already paid the 10-block card, you give away a discount of 100 %. The new price of the product will be EUR 0.

  • Product validity. If the service has a specific time period you set it here. You simply enter the start date and then determine the period of time (e.g. 6 months validity or enter specific end date).

  • A number of sessions: Here you can choose how many sessions your customer is still able to book. If the product offers 10 sessions, but the customer already had 3 sessions in your previous system, you enter in this field that he/she is allowed to book only a further 7 times.

To save the changes, you have to enter a reason for these settings to be trackable. In our case, for instance, a brief note like “Transfer old ticket” would be fine.

3 - Finalize the transaction

Back to the Selling overview, you can now finalize this sale by selecting a payment method.
You finish the process by choosing the payment method “Cash” and clicking on the button “Without”. This means that an invoice will be generated but it will not be printed or opened as PDF/email, as the customer has already paid this product in the old system and requires no further invoice.

Now the already bought 10-block card is assigned to your customer and they can use it to attend your classes. 

The service will be listed in the customer profile.
There you can also see all important information at a glance and track any changes that were made, by clicking on the comment icon next to the product name.

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