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Navigate through the menus of your Eversports Manager

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This articles helps you to navigate across the menus of your Eversports Manager.

  • On the left side of your screen, you find the Function menu: switch studios, open menu tabs (Activities, Customers, Products etc).

  • On the upper right corner, you find your Personal menu (your profile, languages, wallet).

1) Function menu (left inside)

On the left side of the Eversports Manager you find the function menu.
Each tabs refers to a specific menu with different features: Dashboard, Activities, Customers, Financials, Products, Videos. These are divided into tabs that link several subsections.

On the bottom left side you will find other features: Settings, Market, Your Bonus (our referral system) and the link to the Help Center.

Furthermore, you will find further functions on the horizontal menu bar at the top:

  • if you have multiple locations, you can switch between them, by clicking on your studio name.

  • You can always search for a customer or create a new customer.

  • You can access to your personal menu (read below)

  • You can sell products via the shopping cart icon on the top right.

2) Personal menu

On the right top corner of your screen, click on your name and the personal menu expands. This will show you with which profile your are logged in.

In the personal menu, you can do the following things:

  • Languages - Switch languages. You can choose between: English, German, Spanish, French and Dutch, Italian.

  • Locations - If you operate multiple studios, you can navigate between the different facilities.

  • My activities - If you are logged in as a teacher, you see here a list of all your activities.

  • Billing - Check your Eversports invoices and the state of your payouts, here. Read more about your Billing and Online payments here

  • Sign out - Log out of the software.

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