On the left side of the Eversports Manager you will find the so-called function menu. Via the individual menu items (activities, products, etc.) you will get to the various functions of the Eversports-Manager. These are divided into tabs (see screenshot, in this case: Calendar, Classes, Courses, etc.), which in turn show different sub-areas.

These features allow you to click through the manager and make the settings you need. Via "Collapse menu" you can also collapse the function menu so that only the symbols are displayed.

Furthermore, you will find further functions in the horizontal menu bar at the top:

  • With a click on your studio name, you can switch between different locations, if you manage several studios.
  • You can always search for a customer or create a new customer.
  • Use the question mark to start a tour through the Eversports software that your staff can use to train themselves.
  • Via the shopping cart icon on the top right you can jump to Financials > Selling.
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