If you want to sell a voucher to a client, you can do this either under the menu item 'Financials' in the index tab 'Selling' or directly at the Sign In of the client. We're looking at the first option in this article, if you want to know something about selling in the Sign In, click here

A voucher doesn't have to be sold on a name, so you can easily select a Walk-in Client. Under the index tab 'Vouchers' you can select a voucher that was already created by you.

A window will open in which you first have to enter a voucher code. Either you enter your own voucher if you already have a consecutive numbering, or you generate a code by clicking on 'Generate code'. If you have indicated when creating the voucher that the voucher value may be changed, you can also adjust the value. Click on 'Save' to complete the selection.

The Selling process is the same as for services and articles You have to select a payment method and close the sale with a click on Receipt, PDF, E-Mail or 'Without'. 

As soon as you have sold the voucher, you can read all the details in the voucher journal.

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