If a client buys a product and wants to pay with a voucher, you first have to open the index tab 'Selling' under the menu item 'Financials'. There are two possibilities: Either an already existing client or a walk-in client, who is not registered in your database, wants to pay with a voucher. As an example we assume it is an existing customer. Enter the customer’s name in the search bar and assign him/her the product he/she wants to buy. You can find more information about the selling here.

As payment method you select now "voucher (on site)" and enter the voucher code in the text box below. If the voucher is recognized as valid, the dot next to the text box will change from red to green and the voucher amount will be applied. Next to the field "Redeem voucher" , you will see the amount that is credited. If the voucher does not cover the costs of the product, the remaining amount is calculated automatically. You can then select the payment method of the remaining amount and complete the purchase by either clicking on PDF, E-mail or 'Without'. You can read everything about partial payments

In the voucher journal you can now see that the used voucher has been completely redeemed. 

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