If you want to create a voucher, click in the menu  “products” and then under the tab “vouchers” on the button “+new voucher”. Under “pictures & conditions” you have the possibility to upload your own motives for the voucher. 

! These are value vouchers, not e.g. a voucher for a 10 time card ! 

In the opening window, you now can fill in the requested frame data:

  • Voucher name: Here you can enter a general name such as “value voucher” or an action-specific title such as “Christmas voucher” or similar. Good to know: The voucher name is on the bill later. 
  • Voucher amount: Here you can also determine (by ticking the box) whether the customer can enter a freely selectable voucher amount and them pay, which experience shows is the easiest. 
  • Account: Please select 0% here, the voucher itself will not be taxed, as it is a voucher and it is not yet certain for which product it will be redeemed. The voucher is used to purchase a product, which is then linked to the correct tax rate. 
  • Show in cash register: You must make this setting, so that you can later sell the voucher under Checkout > Sale. 
  • Online sale: You must make this setting in order to buy the voucher online. 
  • Validity: Either your voucher has no validity limit or you can enter a validity period manually. Please note that vouchers against payment must me legally valid for at least 3 years in Germany and 30 years in Austria. Free promotional vouchers are not covered by these legal conditions. 

By clicking on “Create voucher and back”, you save the voucher and return to the overview page. 

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