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Explanation of symbols in the Sign in
Explanation of symbols in the Sign in

Here we will provide you with an overview of the different symbols in the Sign In process

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  1. You can assign a picture to your customer by clicking on the symbol with the person in it. Instead of the symbol you can either take a new photo with your camera or upload a photo.

  2. The green circle around the symbol/picture of the customer indicates a new customer. It is his/her first participation.

  3. The red and yellow exclamation mark informs you about a special feature. It can either be a note that you stated in the master data (yellow exclamation mark) or a warning about, for instance, outstanding invoices. It is possible to add a comment or remove an already existing comment here.

  4. By clicking on the customer's name you get an overview of various information about the customer (i.a. contact details and current products). If you would like to view the master data of the customer click on the button “View Customer”.

  5. In the tab “Products” you can select the product to pay for the participation. There are either several valid products (here you can choose which one should be charged), one valid product or none at all. For the first two options you will see a green bar underneath the text field. It illustrates the number of visits that is already deducted from this product. In case there is no valid product available the bar is colored red. It means that the participation has not been paid so far or the product is exhausted.

  6. The tab “Valid” also demonstrates how many visits have been booked with that card so far or if the invoice is still outstanding. In case the product has a certain time period the end date of the valid card will be stated below the number of visits.

  7. Check the attendance before the class starts and set a tick in the box for an “attendant” participant. There are two main statistical reasons for doing the attendance list: 

  • You can analyze how many of all the registered participants actually take place in the activity. 

  • In the customer profile you can view how often the customer had booked an activity and actually attended it.

8. Sell a product or item via the shopping trolley.

9. Due to the three stacked dots you have the possibility to withdraw a customer from an activity, view his/her invoices or register him/her for future appointments.

Warning symbol:

The red exclamation mark shows a warning.
Most commonly this refers to an unpaid product. By clicking on it, you can settle this payment (pay open invoices) or send the customers a reminder.

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