How do you know that a customer has participations without a valid product?

In the sign in you see a red exclamation mark next to the customer's name. Clicking on it opens a pop-up where you click on 'x present participation 'Without Product''.

How can you edit the participation?

This opens the booking history of the customer. There are two possibilities:

  • The customer has a valid product: If the customer has bought a valid product in the meantime and the open participation has not yet been corrected, you can select the product for the past participations via 'Paid with'.
  • The customer does not have a valid product: You must first sell him a product. If necessary, update the browser and then you can correct the past participations in the booking history via 'Paid with'.

As you update the Sign in overview you will see that the product has been charged and the exclamation mark is gone.

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