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Settle open participations (no product)
Settle open participations (no product)

How to make sure participations that say "no product" have a valid product

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When customers have a booking without a valid product, they will appear highlighted as "no product" bookings.
Let's find out how to check this and correct it.

What does "no product" booking mean?

It means that your customers booked for a class without a valid product.
Here are the most common reasons:

  • the product of the customer is not valid for the selected activity (check if you correctly linked Activities and Products).

  • the product of the customer has expired.

  • the product of the customer has reached its limit of bookings. This means that the customer has already used up all their credits for this week/month.

NOTE: Online bookings are always linked with a valid product, as customers must have a valid product in order to book.

Where do I see any open participations?

  • You find a list of all open participations from the last 30 days in the menu Dashboard > To-Dos

  • In the customer profile, you see right away a red banner if they have any open participations in the past.

  • In the Sign In of the activity, you see that the customer is highlighted. A warning sign next to their name indicates that the customer has open participations.

How can I solve this?

There are two possibilities:

  • The customer already has a valid product: If the customer has bought a valid product in the meantime and the open participation has not yet been corrected, you can select the new product from the dropdown by clicking on "no product". Then the new valid product will be possible to select.

  • The customer does not have a valid product: You must first sell him a product. If necessary, update the browser and then you can correct the past participations by selecting the product.

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