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Sell products in Sign In
Sell products in Sign In

Sign In: Sell a product to customers, who have open visits, bookings with no-product

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In the sign in overview, you can see at a glance whether a customer has bought a product with which he pay for the activity or not.

If the participant has no valid product yet, you see the customer highlighted in orange and in the column Products displays "no product" underlined in red.
In that case you can sell suitable product quickly by clicking on the cart icon.

A new screen shows up and you can select the product you want to sell to this customer:

  • These are all the active products you created and that can currently be sold within your Eversports Manager.

  • By clicking the pencil icon, you can edit the product, e.g. give discounts, determine the validity or set the number of units.

  • Afterwards you select the payment method.
    TIP: If the customer still needs to pay, select the payment method OPEN.

  • To conclude the sale, you choose whether to print a receipt, create an invoice, send an email to the customer or to continue without one of these functions (receipt and invoice will still be created in the background, so they are available if necessary).

The product is assigned directly to the customer in the Sign in overview and the first booking is automatically deducted.

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