As a business owner, you know better than anyone else how valuable your customers are for your company.

In the meantime, surely you already know how challenging it is to acquire new clients and to forge long-lasting relationships with them.

Not only does this require time-consuming initiatives, but also considerable investments of capital and resources.

1) The advantages of the Eversports Marketplace

At Eversports we are well aware that acquiring new customers is essential for your business to grow and prosper in the long term. For this reason, we firmly believe that our software can help you attract new clients and increase your visibility:

  • By choosing Eversports, you choose a reliable partner and even more so you will automatically benefit from the Eversports Marketplace, a growing network of like-minded studios whose aim is to build trust and develop close relations between you and the customers.
    If you use Eversports Manager, your studio will be automatically listed on the Eversports Marketplace, which makes your offer immediately accessible for a wide range of customers who browse the Eversports app and website daily.

  • Additionally, our team is continuously investing time and resources to improve our online presence and make sure that our partner studios always score the best search results in the browser rankings. This way, even customers new to Eversports can come across our network and book classes in your offer with just a few clicks.

The best part for you is that unlike other marketing channels, Eversports works in the most transparent way when it comes to attracting new customers and the Marketplace helps you to win new customers at a fair price:

  • You will never be requested to pay fixed costs nor prepayments for any marketing activities.

  • There is no risk for you. Only if Eversports lives up to the promise of bringing you new customers, the Marketplace fee is applied. This amounts to 16% of the online paid revenue by new customers coming from the Eversports platform.
    In other words, 16% corresponds to 100 EUR out of a revenue of EUR 625 brought by the new customer.

  • The Marketplace fee is capped. It is calculated only up to EUR 100 per customer. Once this amount is reached for the new customer, the Marketplace fee stops. Any additional revenue made by this customer is entirely profit for the studio.

This is a win-win situation. On one hand, if we are able to lead new customers to your studio, they will generate higher income. On the other hand, the Marketplace fee is for you more cost-effective than the resources you would need to invest to attract one single new customer via conventional marketing channels.

2) Example of the Marketplace fee calculation

This example shows you how the Marketplace fee is applied, when a new customer joins your studio coming from Eversports.

Let’s assume that a new customer finds your studio on Eversports and states that he comes from the Eversports platform. This customer buys a trial card for EUR 25 for the first month. The second month, the customer buys a membership for EUR 100 per month.

The Marketplace fee (16%) is calculated only in the first 7 months until the amount of EUR 625 is reached. Afterwards, the Marketplace fee is not applied anymore and the customer is considered a regular customer of the studio.

The more revenue this customer generates for you, the lower the ratio of the Marketplace fee for this single customer. After 12 months, this customer generated a revenue of EUR 1.125 and you paid EUR 100 referral fee. In the end, the percentage of the Marketplace fee is only 9%.

The additional revenue per month generated by this one customer is already more than many of our partners pay monthly for their Eversports Manager.

Our goal is that the revenue brought by the new customers coming from Eversports exceeds the costs of the Eversports Manager. This way, Eversports will eventually not represent a cost for your company, but rather a source of additional income.

3) FAQs about the Eversports Marketplace

The Eversports Marketplace benefits your business in multiple ways. Let us walk you through all the details step by step.

1. What are the advantages of the Eversports Marketplace?

  • With no additional effort on your side, you will reach an increasingly wider target. Just imagine that there are now more than 200.000 active Eversports customers per month who browse the Eversports website and app on a daily basis. And this number keeps growing every month.

  • Unlike other mainstream advertising channels, at Eversports there is no fixed rate for being listed on the Marketplace.

  • Eversports offers support to people on both sides of the Marketplace, including partners’ and guests’ administration, handling payments, confirming the identity of users, translating the platform into our partners’ languages, amongst many other things.

  • With an Eversports profile, you can easily showcase all your offers. This works like your business card, so here you can display your studio at its finest. Especially for smaller studios, this could already replace your website. At the same time, your Eversports profile is particularly suited for collecting reviews and can easily be shared on social media for instant conversion.

2. Which Eversports studios & venues are listed on the Marketplace?

All Eversports partners using Eversports Manager can offer their products online for them to be shown on the Marketplace.

Tip: Increase your chances of attracting new customers with a complete Eversports profile. Make sure that customers know where to find you, do not forget to upload your logo and pictures of your studio and add nice descriptions to your teachers and to the products in your online Shop.

3. How does Eversports acquire new customers?

  • At Eversports we work continuously to ensure that all our pages are top-listed in the Google organic ranking. This saves up important costs for you as we take care of the entire SEO optimization of search engine results. This way, when customers look for sports in your area, chances are high that they will easily come across your studio profile on the Eversports Marketplace.

  • Eversports conducts targeted marketing activities to promote their partners’ offer via the Marketplace.

  • Eversports continuously enters into collaborations with various partners, corporates, booking aggregators, marketing channels (magazines, online campaigns, blog articles, etc.).

4. What are the costs for new customers coming from the Marketplace?

It is extremely important for us to work in a transparent and fair way when it comes to finding a fair settlement for both sides.

For this reason:

  • No fixed costs nor prepayments apply.

  • Eversports charges the Marketplace fee only in the event of new customers joining your studio from the Eversports platforms.

  • Only in case of success the Marketplace fee amounts to 16% of the online paid revenue by new customers that you win via the Marketplace.

  • Capped fee. The Marketplace fee amounts to max. EUR 100 per customer. Once this limit is reached, the Marketplace fee will stop. Any additional revenue made by this customer is entirely profit for the studio.

  • Transparent billing. The Marketplace fee is displayed separately in both your Eversports Manager > Billing and on your invoices.

Additionally, we work following a fairness principle, meaning that venues have the option to dispute the Marketplace fee if they believe it was charged wrongly. We trust our partners that they will not misuse this option.

5. How does Eversports determine that a booking is actually a new customer?

To guarantee transparency, we implemented a clear process to determine which customers should be considered “new customers gained via the Marketplace”:

  • When new customers make their first booking, the system automatically checks if the customer’s email address is already present in your list of customers. If the email address is already present in your customer list, the customer is considered an existing customer and the Marketplace fee is not applied.

  • If the email address is not in the list of your customers, the customer will be asked which booking channel they used to find your studio/venue (via your advertising, via friends referrals or via Eversports). Only if they indicate that they found your studio via Eversports, will they be considered new customers and the Marketplace fee will be applied.

6. How do I know which customers are considered Marketplace new customers?

In the menu Customers in your Eversports Manager, you can easily see who are the new customers that found your studio via the Eversports Marketplace.

These customers are considered Marketplace new customers and have an Eversports logo next to their name.

7. What if an already existing customer is considered erroneously a Marketplace customer?

Despite the above-mentioned measures, it is still possible that existing customers of your studio are identified as new customers coming from Eversports.

This may happen if the customer books with another email address or gives the wrong answer to the ‘New customer questions’.

In such a case, you can send an email to [email protected] with proof that this customer is an existing customer of your studio (i.e. an old invoice). Please inform us max. 30 days within receiving the invoice and any wrongfully debited fee will be credited with the next monthly invoice.

8. Why is this network important to us?

Our mission at Eversports is to make sports happen.

With this goal in mind, we aim to create a vibrant community of loyal partners and together with them bring sports one step closer to everyone. This is why we work every day to build a far-reaching network of like-minded studios & venues to ensure that their offer is easily accessible online to as many people as possible.

This mission reflects in our products, which act as a meeting point between sport providers and sport fans alike:

We invite you once again to join this community and together with us, make sports happen.

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