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Introduction menu Financials
General overview of the menu Financials
General overview of the menu Financials

Check your invoices, sell products, export reports and much more

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The menu Financials provides many different features:

  1. Invoices: Here all invoices appear together with payment status and further details.

  2. Selling: You can sell products to your customers or walk-in customers.

  3. Cash ledger: Here all cash and card payments will be recorded.

  4. Day-end closing:  In this tab you receive a complete overview of all day-end closings

  5. Financial reports: You have the opportunity to create different reports of a desired period. You can export some of them as a CSV file.

  6. Payroll: Here you can set up automatic payroll for your teachers if you use it.

  7. Protocol: Anything that changes the price or the performance in the system will be recorded in the protocol.

  8. Recurring payments. If you work with automatic SEPA online, here you can see a list of all the recurring transactions.

  9. Voucher journal: Here you receive an overview of all vouchers which were sold. 

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