You get to the customer dashboard via the menu item “Customers”. There you find all the customer data collected in one list and you also see the most important information at a glance:

The group is immediately displayed below the name. 1 B means that the customer has one previous booking and 1 P means that he has bought one product. At the right you can read “Added” - the customer exists already in the customer dashboard. If you have sent him an invitation the field changes to “Invited”, if he accepts the invitation it will change to “Accepted”. As soon as the customer is set as “Accepted” he can log in and carry out bookings by himself.

Through “Open participations” you find all participations of the customer where he did not have a valid product.

Furthermore, you can add new customers and manage your groups.

By clicking on “Invite customers” you can invite several customers to use Eversports at once. Simply choose the required group, edit the message text and confirm your process with clicking on “Send emails”.

Moreover, you can export customer data in an excel file and merge two accounts of one customer via “Relocate data”.

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