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How to change open invoices to 'paid'

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If you would like to set an unpaid invoice to 'paid' you click on the three dots next to the invoice and can choose one of these two options:

1) Send the payment link

If you click on 'Send the payment link' or 'Copy the payment link', you can share the payment link with the customers so that they pay the open amount in their Eversports account.
Your customer will receive the invoice email with the payment link and by clicking on it they can settle the open amount.

NOTE: This option is not available for memberships invoices sold with automatic SEPA online, as the amount is automatically debited.

2) Pay open amount

If you click 'Pay open amount', you can settle the open payment within Eversports Manager, for example if the customer paid with bank transfer or cash.

Another window will open where you can select the payment method and then determine whether an invoice should be printed (choose 'Print receipt') or not ('Without').
Then you can go back to the invoice overview and the invoice will be set to 'paid'.

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