How to cancel an invoice

How you can cancel invoices of your customers

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If you would like to cancel an invoice of your customer you can do the following:

  • Click on the three dots next to the invoice and select 'Cancel invoice'.

  • State a reason why this invoice is cancelled - e.g. 'wrong invoicing'.

  • Then confirm the cancellation by clicking on 'Cancel invoice'.

  • In the overview invoices, this invoice will be marked as cancelled as 'Payment status'.
    NOTE: The cancelled amount will be removed from the turnover.

Cancel invoices paid ONSITE at your studio

If you cancel an invoice that has been paid onsite at your studio (e.g. cash), you will have to refund the money yourself (e.g. in cash or by bank transfer). An automatic refund through Eversports is NOT possible as onsite payments are handled only in your studio.

Cancel invoices paid ONLINE

If you cancel an invoice that was paid online, your customers will automatically receive a refund via the same payment method which they used to pay. Example: If a customer pays online with creditcard and you cancel the invoice, Eversports will automatically refund the amount via credit card.

Cancel invoices paid ONLINE more than 90 days in the past

Invoices older than 90 days cannot be cancelled. This is due to the guidelines of our payment provider Stripe. In this case, the refund cannot be processed automatically. In this case, you can create a credit note and refund the customer automatically.

IMPORTANT - You cannot cancel invoices that are paid with automatic SEPA online. The customer must first cancel the transaction, after that you can delete the invoice.

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