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Selling and giving discounts
Selling and giving discounts

Sell a product with a discount for one of your customers

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If you want to give a discount to one specific customer, you can do that directly when selling the product.
Follow these steps:

  • First select the product that you wish to sell. Here we show how to sell a product.

  • Then, click on the green pencil symbol.

  • A pop-up appears where you can edit all the settings of this product:

    • You can give a discount (i.e. 50% or -50 EUR), or enter manually a new amount.

    • You can adapt the validity of the product or the number of credits it offers (i.e. in case the customer has used already some of them in your old system).

    • At the end, you always have to enter a reason.

    • Click on Save.

  • After modifying all the necessary settings, continue the sale by choosing the payment method.
    Read here more info about how to sell a product.

  • In the invoice overview, you will see a a yellow discount symbol meaning that a discount was given for this product.

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