The creation of courses, camps, events, workshops, retreats and education is identical. Just watch the video explaining how to create a course and, if necessary, transfer the steps to the activity you want to offer. 

To create a course (or analogue camps/events/workshops or education) you have to select the tab “courses” under activities and click on the button “new course”. 

Basic information 

  • Choose template: When you create a course, you can save it as a template at the end and then select it again when you create a new course. 
  • Title: Enter the title of the activity, that should appear in the weekly schedule. 
  • Sport: Here you can select the appropriate sport, e.g. Yoga.
  • Assign group: You can either assign a new group or assign the activity to an existing group. Each group can be assigned a freely selectable color. This serves, among other things, a clear representation in the online booking calendar (widget), in which the activity then appears in the respective color. Here you will also find further information about the sensible use of groups for activities. 
  • Description: Write detailed information about the activity, which your customers can view online. 
  • Max. participants: Choose the maximum number of participants, if you have selected the enrolment type 'Products'. If you select the enrolment type 'Tickets', you can specify the maximum number of participants later at the appointment creation.
  • Enrolment type: Here you can choose between products (which you create under products on the left side of the menu bar) and tickets. When choosing products, you create a block card with only one booking. 
  • Booking status: Here you have the choice between three statuses: 

• Online booking possible: The activity is displayed and can be booked online. • Published: The activity is displayed in the widget, but cannot be booked.• Internal: The activity is not visible in the online booking calendar (widget). This feature is useful if you want to set up all activities before adding them to your timetable. 

  • Level: Set a performance level for your activity. 
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