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Courses, workshops, retreats, events, camps, education

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Creating courses, workshops, retreats, events, camps, education works the same.

TIP: If you don't see these activities in the tabs of the menu Activity, you can activate them any moment. You can do this in the menu Activities by clicking on the 3 dots to the right (more info here).


Basic information

Here you can fill in all basic information such as activity name, description, activity group (this is the color of the activity) and upload an image.
You can also select the activity Sport. If your sport is not here, you can add it via the menu Settings > Profile > Sports.
TIP: At the top you can select a template from an existing activities.


Set here if you want to work with products or with tickets. The main difference is that the single or combo tickets are only created for this activity and are not shown in your product overview. If you want to use tickets, read further in this article how you can set up your ticket system.

Please be aware, that if a customer cancels a lesson, that was bought with a ticket, the money is refunded to the customer. If a product is used, the product is simply transfered back to his Eversports account.

IMPORTANT: this setting cannot be changed afterwards.

Registration rules - You can choose a standard-setting or specific settings.

Booking status - The activity is not visible to the customer (=Internal), visible but not bookable (=Published) or visible and bookable (=Online booking possible).

Online registration period: 'Standard' means that the settings apply that you have set in Settings> Basic data> Online payment. 'Individual online registration period' means that you immediately get the option to make changes yourself, such as from when and until when customers can register.

Online payment: 'Standard' means that the settings that you have set yourself in Settings> Basic data> Online payment apply. 'Custom' means that you immediately get the option to make settings for the payment.

Customer groups: You can choose here whether you want specific customer groups to be the only ones to have permission to book the workshop.

Cancellation rules - First, choose the cancellation conditions (standard 24h).

If you choose the 2nd option, add the conditions you apply so that your customers can see this when they book, such as the cancellation period.

Schedule appointments

Go to dates. With the '+' you can create single or multiple dates and times when the activities take place. You can also use tickets (more information about this in this article).

Here you then enter a start and end date, as well as a start and end time. You also select the days on which the activity takes place. Then choose 'Create new appointment' and the dates will be scheduled. You can change this data at any time.

If you selected bookable with products in the second step, you are now finished with the creation and can save it by clicking on "Save". If you have selected the option of single and combination tickets, there is one more step to complete, namely ticket creation.

You can find all information about the creation of single and combination tickets in this article:

IMPORTANT - do not forget to save the page at the bottom!

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