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Share your activities with your customers
Share your activities with your customers

How to communicate events with your customer through your website, social media or a newsletter

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In this article you will find more information about the different links you can share with your customers.

1) Communicate your class schedule

In order to share your class schedule, you can share your widget link.
You find here a guide step-by-step on how to integrate your widget link on your website.

If you wish to communicate only your classes or only your trainings, you need to copy your widget link, which you can find in Settings > Profile > Widget link, and to add (without the " "):

"?list=class" for the classes

"?list=training" for the trainings

2) Communicate all activities within one activity group

You can decide to share the activities of a specific activity group.
To do this you have to go to Activities > Groups > Share link.

Here you can share the link for the different types of activities of the group.

NOTE: If you see a blank page, check if you have activated the Class Calendar in your widget settings (under the menu item "Settings > Widget > Schedule").

3) Communicating multisession events


Click on the 'Activities' > 'Workshop' (or other activity) tab. There you will find all your workshop one below each other.
Each course has an individual link (see screenshot). Click on the eye icon to open the booking mask for this course. Click on the page icon to copy the link and link it to your website, newsletter or social media posts to advertise courses separately.

Per multisession activity

If you want to link an overview of all your courses on your website, you can do that as well.

You need to copy your general widget link and add the ending of your choice (without quotation marks).

"?list=course" for the courses

"?list=workshop" for the workshops

"?list=education" for the educations

"?list=retreat" for the retreats

"?list=camp" for the camps

"?list=event" for the events

Your participants will have a good overview which courses you offer. You can also use this link in a newsletter, e.g. if you're about to start several new courses.

TIP: Use the integration with Mailchimp to communicate your newsletters.

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