Creation of a “book now” button

So that your customers can book directly via Facebook, you can create a "book now" button.
With this button you offer your customers the possibility, to access your schedule in a weekly overview. 

You can find the button beyond your cover picture and can edit it with a few clicks. 

At this part you have to copy your widget link from your studio manager and paste it as follows. 

You just created the “book now” button so that your customers have a second opportunity to book a class directly via facebook.

! If you have more than 5000 followers, you can integrate your timetable, vouchers and shop as an additional page tab!

So that your customers and also new customers can access your schedule as quickly as possible and book and pay for their desired course with just a few clicks, we will show you in the next steps how you can save your course plan as a tab on your Facebook page. In addition, I explain how you can also integrate your shop and your coupons on Facebook.

First step: register and create a facebook-app

To integrate your schedule, you first have to register for the developer site. Afterwards, you can create your own app. Don’t worry, you do not have to be a programmer. Utilizing this article and following step by step, you can create your app and integrate your products without any difficulties. 

First of all, please log in to your facebook account. Thereafter you open the webpage : On the right side you can find a green button which says “Register now”. This process will be finished very quickly, you only have to confirm your account with a verification code. 

A new green button “+ add a new app” shows up.  

After clicking this button, a small screen appears, where you can insert the name of the app (in this case: ‘schedule’). You also have to put in the email address which belongs to the used facebook account. Go to the next step by confirming your settings with “create App ID”

Now you can see an overview of apps - a variety of possible functions are offered, but they are not required for the integration of your schedule. You should go on by clicking “settings”. 

In the next step, please choose the basic settings. Now you have to fill in the field : “Privacy Policy URL” with your adapted widget link. We will explain in the following step how to adapt your widget link.

Your widget link has to be adapted. You can find your regular widget link in your manager in the menu item “settings” - on top right you see our “share button”

As this link will not be accepted, you have to adapt it as follows:

your widget link = wrong link:

→ Goal:

The last part of your widget link (marked yellow) hast to be integrated in in the goal-URL (marked green). You can now fill in this adapted link in the “Privacy Policy URL” button mentioned before. Save your changes now and scroll down afterwards. At the end of this site you can find the button “+ add platform”. 

By clicking this button, a new screen with different options opens. As your schedule should appear as a new tab on your facebook page, you have to choose the option “page tab”. 

In another screen you can now edit your app. The field “secure page tab URL” has to be filled in again with your adapted widget link you just created a few steps ago. Save your changes afterwards!

Now you only have to publish your app, so that every user can see it. In the function menu on top of the page you can set the checkmark from off to on and choose a category (it does not matter which category you choose, it will not appear anywhere). Your app is active now and can be integrated in your facebook page. 

Second step: Integration of your created app in your facebook page

Please open an additional new tab and type in the following link in the URL-search - do not hit enter yet, this link also has to be adapted!

In the next step, you only have to replace “YOUR_APP_ID” and “YOUR_URL” (marked yellow) with your apps data. You can find your app ID in the settings of the webpage used in step one.  

Copy this app ID and replace it in the link like this:

Continue to replace “YOUR_URL” with your adapted widget link.

Please hit enter now, you will be forwarded to facebook and can now choose the page, where the new tab should be seen. Confirm your settings with “add Page Tab”

The integration is now completed, your customers can easily book their classes via your facebook page. 

You can also change the order of the tabs in your settings on top right. Choose the index tab “template and tabs” and scroll down until you can see your different tabs. Via drag and drop you have the possibility to move the tabs and change their order. 

Integration of your shop and your vouchers

You can additionally integrate your shop and your vouchers as an index tab in facebook, so that your customers can buy these products directly on your facebook page. 

The steps stay exactly the same as above, but you do not have to adapt the link. So first of all, you create a new app, but for the “privacy policy URL” you can simply copy the link you find in your studio manager and paste it in the developers site. 

Where to find the link for your shop?

In the menu item “Products” you can find the index tab “Services”. Our link symbol (three green points) are on top right. After clicking this symbol, you can easily copy the widgetlink. 

Where to find the link for your vouchers? 

In the menu item “Products” you can find the index tab “vouchers”. Our link symbol (three green points) are on top right. After clicking this symbol, you can easily copy the widgetlink. 

Every other step stays exactly the same as for the integration of your schedule. 

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