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All necessary information about receipts, creation of reports, accounts and invoice cycles

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Go to the menu item Settings > Financials.

1) Set up your receipts

IMPORTANT: This setting is only relevant if you are working with a receipt printer and handing out printed receipts to your customers. Otherwise, you do not need to set this up.

You can customize the receipt, i.e. select specific company data, upload a logo and write a personal closing text.
The company data will be at the top of your receipt, the corresponding information must be entered in the Master Data.

2) Creation of reports

If you are a limited liability company, you tick the box, so that the reports will be generated for this company form. Otherwise, you just skip this step.

IMPORTANT: in case you have a small business and do not need to show your VAT % on your invoices, please contact Support. We can adapt this for you.

3) Accounts

You will find three standard accounts here. Each account is linked to a specific VAT rate. The background: Each product that you create, must be assigned to a certain accounts, so that it will be charged with the correct VAT rate. Basically, you can work with the three standard accounts. But it's best to check with your tax advisor to see if he recommends any additional accounts (e.g. 'revenue memberships', meaning all revenue from contracts goes into a separate account). You can add accounts via the button 'New'. Of course, you can also edit existing accounts using the pencil icon.

4) Invoice cycles

IMPORTANT: Activate your invoice cycles just before the start of actual use in your studio, so that the invoice cycles are not used for any test purchases.

Every invoice generated in Eversports automatically receives an invoice number. By default, these numbers start at 1 and are numbered consecutively.

However, we recommend the following invoice cycles:

  • 1000000 - Onsite conversion. For example: cash, bank transfer, credit card on site, EC /Debit card on site.

  • 2000000 - Online conversion. Invoices that result from online purchases on your website. These invoices are created by Eversports in your name and therefore have their own invoice cycle. Examples: PayPal, credit card etc.

  • 3000000 - Refunds. These are cancellations. If you cancel an invoice, the cancellation will also receive a number, regardless of whether the invoice was created online or onsite.

  • 1 - Closing day

  • 2 - Cash register entries

Why do we recommend this?
If your customers have any questions, you can recognize the type of conversion by the first digit right away. Common practice is also the use of annual and monthly numbers as start numbers. The problem here is that the online booking system is available to customers 24 hours. It might happen that you have not changed the numbers for the turn of the month / year and the invoice does not get the right number.

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