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How to use the Help Center and contact us?
How to use the Help Center and contact us?

Where to find quick answers and get in touch with us

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There are several ways to get the information you need when you have questions:

1) Help center

If you have questions about certain functions of the software, you will find all the answers in our Help Center. You easily get there by the function menu bar on the left-hand side in the manager tool.

When you open the Help Center, you can either search for key words, or browse our well-structured collections:

  • Search key words. Enter some key words in the search bar to find the respective articles.

  • Search in the collections The articles are sorted by collections (i.e. First steps, Activities, Customers etc.). If you click on a collection you will find all the articles corresponding to this theme.

2) How to contact us?

If you did not find your answers in the articles, you can always contact us directly.

If you are in our Help Center or in your Eversports Manager, you will see a green bubble in the bottom right corner. Click on it to write to our Support.

Alternatively you can send an email to [email protected].

PS. If any of your customers have a problem or question about Eversports, they can contact us via [email protected].

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