On the right top corner of your screen, click on your name and the personal menu expands. Please note with which profile your are logged in.

LanguagesChoose the language you want to use. Available are: English, German, Spanish, French and Dutch.

If you operate multiple studios, you can navigate between the different facilities.

BillingYou find three tabs:

  • Fees: Detailed overview of the fees which you pay to Eversports (new customers’ commission and online payment fees).
  • Invoices: Overview of all invoices and payouts between you and Eversports including monthly fees which Eversports charges and the payment journal according to your online paid revenues.
  • Online-Payment: You have to verify your profile. This is an important step to activate and facilitate a seamless online booking experience for your customers. A manual for the verification can be found here.

My activities
A list of all activities that you as a teacher or trainer hold (please mind the profile you are logged in with).

Sign out
Log out of the software.

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