First steps

Follow the first steps to get started with Eversports Manager

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Create, edit and delete your classes, trainings, workshops etc

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All information around services, memberships, articles and vouchers

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Create and invite customers and filter & export their data

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Teachers & employees

Create employees/teachers profiles

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Here you will find all information about cash register, invoices, sales reports and sales.

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Here you find all information regarding your general settings

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Wallet, Billing & online payments

Here you will find information on how to set up online payment within 5 minutes.

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Promotion codes and automated emails

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Market: extensions & interfaces

Here you find all informations for the extensions that you can activate in your market

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Online classes & tips in covid times

Offering online classes and do sports at home

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Video Library (replays & videos on demand)

All information regarding the Video Library can be found here

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Latest updates

Here you find all the information on the latest improvements

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Guide to effective Customer Retention

All you need to know to retain your customers at best

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Information for your customers

Here we explain, among other things, how your customers can register and log in for activities.

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